Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 [Latest Update]

Disney World Crowd Calendar: The famous Disney World Resort, each year hosts a huge number of audiences from all over the world. Being a 25000-acre entertainment theme park, it is one of the largest in the world attracting crowds. Though it is a huge park, still the crowds over there is overwhelming from time to time, especially in the summer months. The theme Park authority publishes a crowd calendar so that the audience can analyse it and can decide when to visit the park. 

If you are planning to take your children to Disney World or want to visit there with your family, then this article might help you in planning the journey. This article will provide you with details of the crowds in Disney World along with the dates of different events occurring there. 

Disney World Crowd calendar 2021

Disney Land Crowd Analysis


In order to have an enjoyable and stress-free vacation, one might want to avoid the crowd in the theme park. Also all over the year, different events, promotions are organized there. If you have a chance to meet your favorite fiction character in the park then you should check when his/her event is being organized in the Disney World and book your reservations accordingly. Proper arrangements are made and even visitors are requested to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing to avoid spreading the coronavirus. 

The Disney World Crowd Calendar is extremely user-friendly and convenient to use. You can get all kinds of information from the calendar about the status and event’s occurrence in Disney World. Please read this article to know more about the Disney World Calendar.

Disney World Crowd Calendar Month-Wise 

Following are the month-wise analysis and details of the crowd response and events in Disney World.

  • January  

    In the first month of the year, the events bonanza starts with the lunar New Year celebration. It is the largest cultural event of the year, in the theme park. There is also the event of the Three Kings Day, which is also organized in the month of January. The romantic event of the Love of Minnie and Mickey Mouse starts this month and continues up to the Valentine’s Day, in the next month.

  • February:   

    The February is the month of the Valentine’s. Special dishes are served at the Lunch buffets, and there is also amazing offers in the resorts and travel packages. The varieties of food available in this month is one of the main attraction in the month of February.

  • March  

    In the month of March, the spring starts, with all new attractions and events on the Disneyland. Disneyland Food and Wine festival is also organized during this period. The amazingly decorated food booths also attracts food lovers from all over the place. In the end of the month as renovation season starts, some of the attractions are closed for regular maintenance.

  • April

    The famous Soarin ‘Over California’ starts during the Food and Wine festival which still continues until this month. As this is month if Easter, Disney organizes Easter Egg Hunt which is very famous among the children. Also at the end of this month the renowned Dapper Day is celebrated.

  • May

    In the month of May the Disney World starts their Grad Nites event and it is celebrated at the middle of the month. The famous Star War Celebrations are held at Tomorrow Land.

  • June

    The event of Grad Nite continues in this month covering the first two weeks of this month.

  • July

    From 14th July onwards, the exciting Avengers Campus event is planned each year. Also it is the month if independence. 4th of July is celebrated with fireworks and grandeur in the Disney World.

  • August

    In this month no special event is organized till now, and the crowd remains moderate. Also the Halloween tickets are available from the previous month for sale.

  • September

    The famous Disney Halloween begins from the middle of the month and also the event of Disney Oogie Boogie’s Bash is organized for the whole month. Also with the start of the Halloween extravaganza, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter also starts. The month attracts moderate to high crowds.

  • October

    In the first week the fan made event of the Gay Day starts. Also the Halloween feeling continues throughout the month. The famous Halloween horror Nights continues till the first week of the next month.

  • November

    The month of Thanksgiving attracts far more crowds than any other months. Also the Christmas Celebrations begins from November.

  • December

    The month is celebrated with various events and amazing Christmas Celebrations. Special shows, spectacular night events, parades are organized in this month. Also the New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the final week of the month and these events attracts a lot of crowds to the theme park.

New Add-On to Disney World in 2021

The Disney World has planned to add some new features in their rows of parks, garden areas, parade ground, etc. and the new add-ons are very much exciting for tourists also. Due to the pandemic situation everything is closed with no confirmation on reopening. But, don’t worry, this situation will be overcome soon and we have to keep our patience for a better day. Now, we are describing the new features of Disney World and the details are as follows,

  • Star Wars Galaxy Edge

This is a new decoration added to the existing park area. We all know that the Star Wars movies are one of the popular cinemas among all Sci-fi series. But unfortunately, the entire park was closed due to the pandemic situation. According to the organizers, this is a crowd-pulling theme and the park gives a completely new experience to the tourists.

  • Rise on Resistance

This new theme has launched on 17th January 2020 and it became popular to tourists for its best ride experience. 

  • Magic Happens 


The Magic Happen is a parade which was first performed on 28th of February 2020 and a lot of visitors come to watch this.

  • Avenger campus

This Marvel-inspired new land was planned to be launched on June 2020 but the spread of Covid-19 stopped this event. We are expecting Disney World to launch this Avenger camp very soon which is much awaited by the visitors.

Peek hours at DISNEY LAND

Disney Land is the busiest during weeks before and after Easter which is held in the mid of March-April. The theme park receives a lot of visitors during Christmas that follows till the New year. If both of these events occur on weekends, it becomes very difficult to handle the enormous number of visitors. The Disney World park witnesses a lot of crowd during the summer vacation months from July and August.

There is a peak rise in the number of tourists if  July 4th falls close to the weekend. It is very important to check the Anaheim Convention Centre, the meeting schedules and timings will be mentioned in the Disney Hub Crowd Calendar. Visitors can use the MyDisney Experience app to make their hotel reservations in advance to avoid any last-minute issues.

Busy time at DISNEY LAND

Now, let’s tell you about the busy not the most crowded times at Disney Land. The end of August till Labour day as of then the next vacation starts is first busy months at the park. The theme park attracts a large crowd of tourists during October and November as the park is decorated beautifully. The starting weeks of December are also among the busiest times.

Less crowd at DISNEY LAND

We know you are curious to know the months when Disney Land is the least crowded. The best time to visit the park is after the end of the Labour season, except on the weekends. After that, you can also choose to spend your vacation at Disney Land in January or February. The month of April before Easter is another good opportunity to visit if you are concerned about less crowded times.

Off-season @ DISNEY LAND

The months from January till March are the off-season months which means almost all the famouse shows are cancelled like the fireworks show.

Final Conclusion of Disney World Crowd Calendar

The pandemic created a lot of difficulties both to the Park and to the Fun-loving people, but Disney World is bouncing back on track with even more events and exciting offers and the authorities are hopeful of the large crowd again in Disneyland. Please make sure to check the Disney World Crowd Calendar before making the vacation reservations.