My Disney Experience : My Disney Experience login | My Disney Experience App – Complete Guide for Beginners

My Disney Experience is an app that is developed by the team of Disney to replace the old system of paper tickets. Other than that, it also serves as a virtual guide to the visitors who come to Disneyland to spend their vacation. It is a very easy-to-access MyDisney Experience application and the entire process is explained in this article. 

The My Disney Experience app supports you throughout your tour at Disneyland. It takes up the full responsibility of your tour and gives you a relaxed and tension-free experience at Disneyland. My Disney Experience app is available both on Playstore and Appstore. 

My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience app has a lot of benefits and it also acts as a user-friendly guide on your tour at Disneyland. It helps you explore various spots in Disneyland. You can check out and book the hotel resorts inside Disneyland. You can also check out the time of various rides, character meets, and parades across Disneyland on the My Disney Experience app. You can also check their wait time. The magic band is another digital gadget that acts as an add-on to your tour at Disneyland. Just link your My Disney Experience account with the magic band and it will guide you through your tour at Disneyland. 

The magic band and the My Disney Experience app both are complementary to each other. If you link the My Disney Experience app with the magic band then the magic band will alone guide you through your journey as per your plan. There is no need to take out your phone from your pocket every time to take a look at your plan.

As of group parties, all the members have to do is log into the My Disney Experience app, fill in their details and sync their account with the magic band. You can now share your plans and details of your tour at Disneyland. 

Benefits of Using the My Disney Experience

These are the benefits of signing into My Disney Experience app, 

  1. After you have signed into the My Disney Experience app, you can customize your cart as per your wish and plan your own dream vacation at Disneyworld. Thus, it enhances feasibility. 
  2. The My Disney Experience app allows you to pre book your hotels, resorts, FastPass+, etc. at Disneyland.  This saves your time and saves you from the problem of finding hotels. 
  3. The My Disney Experience not only plans your tour but also helps you in managing the plan according to your needs and also lets it to share your plan with your family and friends.
  4. If you choose to stay at a Disney resort, then through your My Disney Experience app you can directly check into your hotel rooms when you arrive.
  5. You can obtain seamless organization by connecting your My Disney Experience app with theme park tickets and annual passes to your magic band.
  6. Through the My Disney Experience app, you can relive your fun moments through Disney PhotoPass Photos. 

How to create an Account in the My Disney Experience app?

Once you have completed your reservation of hotels and tickets at Disneyland, you can get started by making your My Disney Experience account. 

Follow the steps to get started with your My Disney Experience account.

  1. Install the My Disney Experience app on your Android or iOS. It is both available on Playstore and Appstore. 
  2. Open the app and fill up the details to complete your application.
  3. Create a list of your friends and family that will be accompanying you on your tour and share your plan with them.
  4. Link your hotel reservation detail and FastPass+ details to your My Disney Experience account and check for regular updates.My-Disney-Experience-App
  5. Linking all your reservation details helps you in planning and managing your tour easier.

Let’s see more about benefits and special offers provided by Disney Experience App. 

After successfully login to the application, you can enjoy several benefits provided by this app such as, the registered member can customize the type and colour of the magic band as per their desire. Sharing tour plans with friends and families become very easy using this app. The most advantageous thing is that this app provides a detailed map of Walt Disney World using which members can easily find out their desired place for dinning, the locations of hotels, restrooms, spas, restaurants, movie theatre, and what not. You will also get information for special entraining shows and events, PhotoPass locations etc. In short, you can use this app as a tour guide.   

Details of FastPass+ and Guidelines to Use FastPass+ 

FastPass+ is a special feature of this app using which you can easily make pre booking of hotels, resorts, tickets, etc. in advance. You can book tickets at least 60 days before which reduces you last minute pressure. With a FastPass+ one can easily manage his/her journey timing, event schedules, bypass the crowd and directly jump into the main events. Another special attraction of FastPass+ is that you can reserve 3 mind-blowing attractions of your wish in each park. in short, FastPass+ will give a dazzling experience that can make your trip to be a magical dream vacation without any hassle.

To use FastPass+ properly you need to follow some steps written below,

  1. From the smart menu, choice FastPass+ option
  2. Please, select the desired date and the location of the Disney park.
  3. Choose, ‘Select an experience’ option from the list and also select a particular time 
  4. After completion of the whole process, review page will be appeared. Check that page properly and finally click on the ‘Confirm’ option.

Some important points to remember, it is mandatory to register yourself for FastPass+ earlier. Please, make a proper plan with accurate dates depending on your time. 

Disney Magic Band Details

Every guest at Walt Disney World will be welcomed by giving them a magic band at the time of their arrival. The bands are of different colours with an embedded micro-chip in which the details of their vacation will be saved. The magic band is wirelessly connected to the Disney Experience app and it will act as an identity proof for individuals. The special features of this bands are, these will be used as a key of your hotel room, tickets for your rides, as the event pass, shows, parades, and also for your dining reservations. This can also be used as a FastPass+ and PhotoPass.

The band is mandatory for entry at the Disney World. If you have used this app to book your trip, then the entire details will be automatically linked with this band.

To link your band, open the application and click on the option, ‘Magic bands and cards’ at the top – right corner of the web page. Then, verify the necessary details, like email ID, mailing address, phone number, colour of the band, etc. After completion of those things, click on the ‘Ship now’ option and wait for 2 to 3 days for arrival.  After receiving the band, quickly link it with your account.     


 There is a feature called Resort Dashboard in the My Disney Experience App which helps you book the hotels and restaurants you wish to dine in. Not only you can select the floor, room number, and place of stay but you also get all the directions, routes, and transportation facilities with a proper map. 

  • Shopping Made Easy

The magic band makes your shopping so convenient and simple that you can’t even think of it. The vendors of Disney won’t be asking for liquid cash. You will get your purchases billed on your MyDisneyExperience account when you show your band and enter your PIN while shopping. You can pay the bills of purchases you made at Disney directly on the MyDisney Experience application.

You must be wondering what to do if you have lost your magic band by mistake?. Well, there is nothing to panic about and all you need to do is to disconnect your band from the MyDisney Experience app. This is done to ensure that if by any chance your PIN is compromised, you will be safe from unauthorized payments.

 MyDisneyExperience Log on phone and computer

MyDisney Experience Computer Link
MyDisney Experience Mobile/Tablet Link

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to link my Disney Resort and Hotel bookings in the Mydisney experience app?

It is pretty simple to link Disney Hub Resort and Hotel bookings. You just need a confirmation number and surname. If you have made any bookings previously with any travel partners like Virgin Holidays, or directly from the Walt Disney Travel Company, you need to visit and log in to your account. Click on My Reservations displayed on the top-right menu and use your confirmation number, and surname to link your Disney Hub Resort and Hotel bookings.

  • How to link the e-ticket in the Mydisney application?

For this, you have to use the “Will Call” reference number which is located below the bar code at the ticket voucher to link at Mydisney Experience app.

  • Why couldn’t I link my reservation when I stay at Old Key West or Saratoga Springs?

It doesn’t matter in which hotel you stayed, if your reservation fate is older than 10 months away, it won’t reflect in your bookings on the My Disney experience portal. Make sure you stay is not more than 10 months old for it to appear in your account.

  • Whats a Magic Band? How do I get it?

The magic band is a secure payment method that makes it super easy to pay anywhere at Disney World. It is available in various color options. Visitors can get their magic band at the reception to make their vacation super convenient.

  • Why are UK phone numbers not accepted in the portal?

These days there is some bug in the system with UK numbers. The solution to this is to remove the country code and other leading zero in the number and directly enter the number.

  • Why is my recent booking to Walt Disney World Holiday isn’t reflecting on Mydisney app?

It takes approximately 48 hours of time for your bookings to reflect in the Mydisney app. For restaurant bookings, the field opens 180 days before arrival. FastPass+ reservations including the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Hotels, reservations are open 60 days prior. For the Local hotels, the FastPass+ reservation is open just 30 days before your arrival.

  • Why is still need additional information, despite me already having an account in

This is nothing to be worried about, since there are some minor differences with registering on both the portals, this is why asks for some additional information from you.

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Final Words

MyDisney Experience application is available for both smartphones and PC. MyDisney Experience app makes your vacation super convenient at Disney World. This app makes pre-planning your vacation so easy you no longer need to be bothered about simple stuff and just enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The purpose of this article is to make it simple for you to access the app and its super cool features. We explained Magic band, which is the true magic wand that opens the door to all the entertainment reservations at Walt Disney. This article on our website Disney Hub Portal explains the steps to follow to book your tickets at Walt Disney land. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact us.